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SmallBasic – Blinking Eyes Tutorial



Please reach out to us and we will work with you to come up a curriculum for STEM education to suit the age group or exposure level of students. Here is a sample list from our curriculum:

  1. Arduino
    1. Arduino Hardware basics
    2. Arduino Programming 101
    3. Learn by doing
      1. “The calculator” game with Arduino
      2. “The Light is On” game with Arduino
      3. “Lets make some noise” game with Arduino
      4. “Obstacle Detector” with Arduino
  2. Java
    1. Introduction to Java
    2. Intermediate level Programming with Java
    3. Learn by doing
      1. “Draw the SpaceNeedle” with Java
      2. “The gallon girl” with Java
      3. “Guess my number” with Java
      4. “Tic Tac Toe Game” with Java
  3. Python
    1. Introduction to Python
    2. Turtle Programming with Python
    3. Intermediate level Programming with Python
    4. Learning by doing
      1. “Let’s do some art work” with Python
      2. “Hangman” with Python
      3. “Guess my number” with Python
      4. Tic Tac Toe Game” with Python
  4. Flowcharts
    1. Flowcharts 101
    2. Learning by doing
      1. “Lets get drawing” – A hands-on activity to practice flowcharts
      2. Thayam++
  5. SmallBasic
    1. Introduction to SmallBasic
    2. Turtle Programming with SmallBasic
    3. Learning by doing
      1. “Let’s do some art work” with SmallBasic
      2. “Ping-Pong” Game with SmallBasic
      3. “Tetris” with SmallBasic
      4. “Mazes” with SmallBasic
      5. “Ping-Pong” Game with SmallBasic
  6. Web-site design
    1. Basics of HTML
    2. Web designing 101
    3. WordPress Basics, Themes and Plugins
    4. Learning by doing
      1. Build your wordpress website
      2. Build your Website themes and plugins