Did you know girls are under-represented in STEM careers? Did you know girls are natural problem solvers, yet many do not choose STEM career paths?  Did you know a lack of resources prevents them from exploring these careers? 

Research shows that there is little to no difference in boys’ and girls’ average ability at STEM subjects. This means that in order to attract more girls to study STEM subjects at university and enter STEM careers, we need to tackle the stereotypes they are exposed to and we need to do this early. Creating this exposure and making STEM education and tools accessible can make a difference.

We are a non-profit organization that works to close the gender gap in STEM, while also making STEM accessible for everyone. The goal is to bring more girls into STEM. Our mission is to create opportunities and increase access so they get interested in STEM fields which will encourage them to pursue STEM careers.

We have made a curriculum that starts simple and progressively teaches harder topics. We make STEM interesting and not intimidating!