• Our Mission

    Our mission is to create opportunities for girls in underserved communities to explore STEM subjects through a simple, progressively advanced …

  • Our Approach

    Our approach is to make learning interesting for a wide range of students with different sets of activities. Here is …

  • Workshops

    Arduino We conduct Arduino workshops where we teach the hardware and software pieces of Arduino. We have multiple projects to …

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    Be it as participating in our workshops or sharing honest feedback to improve our curriculum/approach or sharing your testimonials, you …

About Us

STEMACA (STEM Academy for All) is a non-profit organization with the goal of closing the gender gap in the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), especially in underserved communities. Our goal is to eliminate the barriers many students in underserved communities face to studying and pursuing careers in these important technical and scientific fields.

We make STEM interesting, not intimidating.

The curriculum of STEMACA takes a gradual, progressive approach to teaching STEM subjects, making them more accessible and enjoyable to explore and study. We emphasize the breaking-down of problems into small steps and then converting them into visual representations using flowcharts and other tools. This greatly helps students understand complex problems and how to find solutions.

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What our students say ..

Below is what our students say about us!